Recently our volunteers have been asked to commit to sewing face masks that would be sold through our Thrift Shop​ to the public, as protection from the COVID-19 virus. I was reminded of our Auxiliaries early history, back in 1899 when we were also asked to sew masks for the Typhoid epidemic.

Well sewing we did, providing all the linens for the old Chemainus Hospital, along with their Nurses Residence until 1957. An old receipt from 1953 revealed 79 yards of cotton sheeting was purchased, @ 0.53/yd along with 113 yds of flannelette @ 0.26/yd. needed for diapers, bedding, towels, nightwear, curtains, surgical drapes, doctor’s gowns, pneumonia jackets, abdominal binders, and many other necessary items. Cotton Thread was 7.5 cents/spool. Times may have changed, but our commitment to the health of our community remains.

(Taken from excerpts of the Early Years of Chemainus Hospital, by Curl Twentyman, Historian.)

Submitted by: Lois Greenhill