Benefits of Membership
Chemainus Health Care Auxiliary Candy Stripers 2019

Join the Team

Chemainus Health Care Auxiliary is looking for new members – men or women, youth to seniors – so that we can continue our valuable support to the community.  We would love to hear from you!

Benefits of Membership

  • giving back to your community
  • sharing your knowledge and experience
  • developing and practicing new skills
  • feeling appreciated and needed
  • meeting new people from all walks of life
  • staying active (physically and mentally)
  • helping youth develop valuable skills
Chemainus Health Care Auxiliary Tea Servers




2021 Volunteer Hours!

Volunteer Opportunities

(Training is Provided)

Restocking the Book Nook

Thrift Shop

  • retail cashier (4 hour shifts)
  • retail helper (4 hour shifts)
  • warehouse – sorting (1-4 hour shifts, depending on volume)
  • warehouse – pricing  (1-4 hour shifts, depending on volume)
Tea Server

Tea Service

  • serving tea/coffee/juice and snacks to residents of the Chemainus Health Care Centre (2 hour shift once a week) 
Delivering Meals-on-Wheels

Meals on Wheels

  • delivering meals from the Health Care Centre to people in the community (2-3 hour shift, usually once a month)

Chemainus Health Care Auxiliary Candy Stripers 2019

Youth Volunteers

  • High school students helping the Activity Department of the Chemainus Health Care Centre provide activities for the residents  (2 hours per week)
  • Helping with Special Events, or Projects (on an as needed basis) 
  • Apply at the Thrift Store. 

How to volunteer:

Thrift Store Icon

Come visit us at the Thrift Shop and fill out an application form.

9867 Maple Street
Chemainus, BC

Download the Application
Download Application Form. You may drop it off at the Thrift Shop or email it to auxexec@gmail.com
Email Icon

Write an email to Olga Spensley, Membership Chairperson at auxexec@gmail.com – stating “Membership Application” in the subject line

Testimonial from a Life Time Member

In 1951, I was asked if I cared to join the Women’s Auxiliary to the Chemainus General Hospital. I said yes partly because I knew some members of it and partly because I felt I needed to give some time to the community I had lived in for a year. My father was an example of someone who gave back so I joined the Auxiliary.

What has it given me? Above all it gave me many friends whom I treasure to this day, friends who keep in touch and let me know what is happening in Chemainus and to the Auxiliary. It gave me an opportunity to meet people in the community who although not members of the Auxiliary did their bit to support us by knitting garments for the Knitting cupboard in the old hospital and providing baking for the bazaars we held in the early days.

It let me spread my wings by becoming a member of the executive and to give support to the ever-widening activities of the Auxiliary like Meals on Wheels and above all the Thrift Shop.  There, I sorted clothes in the sorting room, priced craft books and met the newcomers to the organisation. I loved being a sales person and meeting our many customers from here and abroad. Now I am asked to reminisce and remember what happened and when; it keeps my mental faculties alive.