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since 1958
Customer Shopping at the Chemainus Health Auxiliary Thrift Store

The Thrift Shop is the Chemainus Health Care Auxiliary’s pride and joy operation!

The Thrift Shop has been in business since 1958, and is the main source of revenue for our Auxiliary.  We have an excellent reputation all over Vancouver Island as “the place to go” for quality second hand goods at very reasonable prices. Our shop is clean, well organized and it has over 100 dedicated volunteers working tirelessly towards our success.  In addition to sorting, pricing, and selling the many items donated by the community at the shop, some of our volunteers work at home packaging items, sewing and knitting items for sale, checking and repairing items, and so much more!

For our customers, buying “gently used” clothing and household items is not only cost effective, but it also diverts a lot of products from going into the landfills.

Our thrift shop has a wide variety of quality merchandise.  On any given day, you might find a vintage wool blanket, a beautifully framed picture, designer shoes, a garden hoe, the wrapping paper you need – and so much more!

The Thrift Shop is open from Tuesday – Saturday, 10-4.

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Due to Health requirements, as we cannot ensure a safe 2-metre distance at all times it is required that EVERYONE MUST WEAR A FACE MASK


COVID-19: Detailed Protocols


  • Anyone recently ill or who has travelled outside the country will not be allowed in the shop
  • The new entrance to the Thrift Shop is on Oak Street
  • The number of customers in the shop will be limited, and 2 metre social distancing will be required
  • Only one member per family preferred
  • Customers must use hand sanitizer upon entering the shop, and face masks are required
  • Children must be contained or under the control of an adult at all times while in the shop
  • No shopping bags or backpacks allowed
  • No fitting rooms
  • No returns
  • Debit (tap) is recommended, but cash will be accepted


  • Please do not bring items for donation if you have been recently ill or you have travelled outside the country
  • Starting July 2, 2020, donations will be accepted from 8:30 am – 12:30 pm, Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.
    PLEASE NOTE: There is a new limit of 4 bags or boxes per drop-off.
  • There will be a designated “drop off” parking area on Maple Street in front of our receiving gate
  • Donations will be received at a table just inside our gate, where they will be checked, dated, and placed in our storage bin for 72 hours
  • If necessary, we may need to limit donations based on our space. There will be a sign outside the gate indicating if we are unable to accept donations

Drop off times for donations on Maple St.
8:30 am – 12:30 pm
Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays

PLEASE NOTE: There is a new limit of 4 bags or boxes per drop-off.

Thrift Shop

9867 Maple Street
Chemainus, BC
V0R 1K1

(250) 246-2476


Tuesday: 10am to 4pm
Wednesday: 10am to 4pm
Thursday: 10am to 4pm
Friday: 10am to 4pm
Saturday: 10am to 4pm
Sunday: Closed
Monday: Closed

Drop off Times for Donations

Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays
8:30 am – 12:30 pm

PLEASE NOTE: There is a new limit of 4 bags or boxes per drop-off.

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Warehouse Intake

Our Thrift Shop would not be as successful without the support of the residents of Chemainus and surrounding areas.  Your generous donations of clothing and goods to the Thrift Shop enable us to provide funds that purchase much needed medical equipment and provide important health care programs in our area.

Receiving donated goods

Sorting and Pricing

Because all our shop’s merchandise comes from donations, we ask that donated items be clean, dry and in good repair. 

Volunteers accept incoming goods (after they are held in a holding bin for 72 hours), check for damage and acceptable quality, and place the product in the appropriate location for pricing.  After a second check, items are priced, using established guidelines, and then distributed for sale throughout the shop.

We take pride in offering our customers quality goods!


There are some items that we cannot accept due to government regulations, recalls, and lack of storage. Below is the list of donated items that we cannot accept:

  • Encyclopaedias And Text Books
  • Stereo Components & Speakers
  • Records/VHS Tapes/Cassettes
  • TVs
  • Computers & Equipment
  • CD Holders
  • Large Exercise Equipment
  • Old Hockey Gear
  • No Helmets of any kind
  • Life Jackets
  • Bullets
  • Medications
  • Paint
  • Dirty or Chipped China/Dishes
  • Glass Jars, (other than canning jars)
  • Old Style Suitcases
  • Venetian Blinds
  • Ironing Boards
  • Heating Pads and Electric Blankets
  • Broken/Dirty Kitchen Appliances
  • Highchairs, Cribs, Playpens, Strollers
  • Large Furniture Pieces
  • Xmas Trees – at this time
  • Baby strollers or car seats
  • Collectable Dolls or Porcelain Dolls

Donations can be dropped off at the side door of our Thrift Shop on Maple Street on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays from 8:30 am – 12:30 pm.

Chemainus Health Care Auxiliary Thrift Store Cashiers
Sorting new merchandise at the Thrift Store
Thrift Store Christmas Room
Restocking the Book Nook at the Thrift Store
Thrift Store Toys
Thrift Store Handbags

Environmental Impact

Thrift shops play a huge role in recycling, in more ways than you can imagine. It begins with the donation of quality goods brought to us by the public. This helps to keep items out of the landfills, and therefore saves energy on the manufacture, packaging and shipping of new items.

In turn, our thrift shop resells these donated items, giving them a new life, or a new purpose. By buying gently used clothing, you are helping to decrease the worldwide textile demand, and subsequent waste.

Some clothing items we are unable to sell are donated to Warmland House and Outreach, while others are repurposed for crafts, petcare, or use by our hard working trades people.

In cases where we are unable to sell/use certain items, they may be donated to Salvation Army, again keeping these items out of landfills. We also do our best to recycle all unsold plastics, glass, and paper sending them to recycling centers on the island.


2019 Golden Brush Award

The Chemainus Health Care Auxiliary Thrift Shop was awarded the Golden Brush Award in 2019 for the “Not for Profit” of the Year by the Chemainus & District Chamber of Commerce.

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